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Olive Grove Reed Diffuser

Olive Grove Reed Diffuser

Olive Grove has notes of ripe fig, caramelized brown sugar and spiced honey that meet the woody scent of olive tree bark to create an enticing scent. This romantic and luxurious combination will whisk you away to the Mediterranean countryside where the olive groves stretch farther than the eye can see. This is one of our all time best selling scents and is a must try!

Scent Notes
Top: Ripe Mediterranean Figs
Middle: Caramelized Brown Sugar, Spiced Honey
Base: Olive Tree Bark, Amber

Natural Rattan Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers are perfect for low-maintenance all day fragrance. Our reed diffusers come in our signature amber glass bottle (4oz) with 10 naturally-harvested rattan reeds that absorb and slowly release fragrance. Scent lasts 4-6 months. They work best in small spaces like a bathroom or office.

Remove cap from bottle. Start by inserting 8-10 reeds directly into the bottle. Add more for a stronger scent. After reeds are soaked in oil (later than day or the next) flip them over. Flip reeds once per week or as needed to refresh the scent.

Keep away from direct sunlight or direct heat to avoid drying out the reeds. Do not use oil in other diffusers or humidifiers. Not meant for use on skin. Do not consume and keep away from children or pets. If the oil spills, clean up immediately, as the oil can cause damage.

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