Our Story

This is our story.

Owner of The Poppy Seed Salon & Boutique, Breanne Comer has dreamed of owning her own business since shortly after graduating beauty school. Breanne has completely transformed what was formerly known as “Smith Jewelers” which had been closed down since 2014 when it was severely damaged due to arson fire. Since then The Poppy Seed has been completely gutted out and remodeled. With a clean slate Breanne transformed an empty space into her very own unique boutique and salon. How did the name “The Poppy Seed” come to be?

Breanne had originally planned to name the store after the mustard seed in Jesus’ parable about the power of faith but learned that name was taken. Some research showed her that poppy seed is sometimes used in reference to the same parable, and the “poppy” is also the flower of her birth month. It was, after all, faith that turned her life long dream into a reality.