You Aren't Alone Necklace with White Bead

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Somedays you feel alone. Some nights on #1,129 of waking up or never actually falling back to sleep, you feel it. But this necklace is made to remind you that you aren’t alone. When you are awake feeding your wee babe, worrying about your job, going over conversations in your mind, dissecting relational drama, hold onto this necklace and think of the thousands, millions of other women doing just that thing at this very moment. Worrying, thinking, praying, breathing, feeding, rocking, shushing, missing someone. Take a deep breath and feel held and contained in your larger community of women around you. You are not alone, dearest. And you can ask for help when you need it. Length: 20” Textured brass plate, 14k gold fill wire, moonstone and 14k gold fill chain and components

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Measuring Tips!

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