Uneven Large Circle Stud Earrings

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The people around you believe in you, Nurse, Docor, NP, ETC. They see you, even when you feel invisible. Even when you feel like a zombie after a shift or can only watch YouTube on repeat in the need to recharge. The people around you are grateful for you. We are all grateful for you. You are strong. Even when you feel exhausted and always on the verge of tears. You are capable. Even when you feel ill equipped and weary to the bone. You’ve got this. Wear these when you need a reminder. Breathe deep. We are sending you so much love.

How To Get The Perfect Fit!

Sizing can be inconsistence due to different fabrics & cuts. So we came up with a way to make your online purchase a bit more easy! We measure our items with a fabric tape measurer then we list those measurements on our item description for easier shopping.

Measuring Tips!

We measure each side from side seam to side seam, on a flat surface. Please put into consideration the material and fabric of each item.


Measure the fullest part of your bust and make sure the measuring tape fits comfortably.


Place the measuring tape on the top inseam of shoulder to the bottom of length of garment.


Make sure the measuring tape fits comfortably around the narrowest part of your waist.


Place the measuring tape below your waist above your thigh. Make sure that the tape fits comfortably.


This measurement is used for bottoms. Keep in mind for an accurate inseam measurement to be aware of the shoes you are wearing, that may affect your measurements. We suggest you take two measurements for inseams to get an accurate representation of both wearing flats and or heals. Place the measuring tape on the crotch area and measure to the cuff on the inside of the inseam of leg.

Follow the chart to get your perfect fit!


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