Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Weighted Eye Pillow in Golden Flowers

Aromatherapy Hot/Cold Weighted Eye Pillow in Golden Flowers

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Our Eye Pillow's dimensions are 9x4, they are handmade in Tennessee with soft 100% cotton fabric and weigh between 8-9 oz depending on the filling.

Our regular packaging and retail packaging are shown in the pictures here. If you have any special requests for packaging or fabric requests feel free to reach out to me in messages. These Soothing pattern Eye Pillows are filled with your choice of Lavender flowers, Peppermint Leaves, Rice, or Flaxseed.  Keep in mind that Rice is denser than Flaxseed, so eye pillows filled with Rice or Flax/Rice mix will be heavier than just Flaxseed filled. 

For Heat Therapy - You can heat these hot/cold aromatherapy eye pillows in the microwave for 30 seconds to heat them up, then repeat for 15-second increments until you have reached the desired warmth.

For Cold Therapy - To cool your eye pillow put it in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for at least one hour to have a cold pack or keep one to store in the freezer to use as needed!

How To Get The Perfect Fit!

Sizing can be inconsistence due to different fabrics & cuts. So we came up with a way to make your online purchase a bit more easy! We measure our items with a fabric tape measurer then we list those measurements on our item description for easier shopping.

Measuring Tips!

We measure each side from side seam to side seam, on a flat surface. Please put into consideration the material and fabric of each item.


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Follow the chart to get your perfect fit!


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