We are proud to announce that The Poppy Seed will be REOPENING on MAY 15TH but in order to protect everyone we have taken the following safety measures.

Safety protocols for Clients and Customers

*Stay at home if you are sick
*We recommend and are asking you to wear a face mask while in our shop to protect you and others around you
*Keep 6ft social distancing
*Upon arrival AND leaving use the hand sanitizer station to clean your hands
*Clients must come alone. Please do NOT bring friends/family/children to your appointment
*ONLY those getting the service are to be in the salon area
*Keep all hands inside your cape during your service
*We will no longer be providing water, coffee or reading material during your visit. (You are welcome to bring your own)
*Clients will need to fill out a health questionnaire for symptoms prior to service.
*We will be rescheduling all of our clients at our chairs and not the counter

Safety Measures by The Poppy Seed
*Our at risk clients will have the hours from 9am-11am
*We will continuously be cleaning and sanitizing all door handles,light switches, checkout counters,bathroom and all surfaces throughout the day
*We will be wearing either a mask and/or a face shield
*All capes will be changed out after every client
*Chairs, stations, shampoo area, and implements will be sanitized between each client
*Each station will be 6ft apart
*We will NOT be offering walk-in appointments, we are by appointment only to reduce the traffic that comes in and out of the shop
*Maximum people in the shop at one time is 8
*We will no longer have a waiting area
*We will no longer overlap our clients
*During this time the boutique will be suspending returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The Poppy Seed’s maximum capacity at this time is 8. Only those being served and providing service will be allowed in the salon area. Which means only 4 persons allowed in the boutique area while the salon is open. We want our clients and customers to feel safe. The Poppy Seed will always put the safety and satisfaction of our clients first in coordination with all state regulations and guidelines of our industry. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon! ❤️😷💇🏼‍♀️

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